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How we do what we do


A full team for your business managers to be in charge of, with the ability to freely allocate and quickly change scenario or direction: constant flexibility to manage the size of the team and the types of professionals they need.

Freedom and Commitment

With an onsite team via outsourcing, you tell us where you want to get to, and we implement the solutions. It is the perfect choice for testing or improvement projects, in which there is no commitment to stick to a single, previously determined scope. However, the commitment to previously agreed deliveries is the same, a feature Digital Business is well known for by our customers.

Outsourcing Features

Total flexibility

When you have our onsite team, work flows and goes the right direction, so that you can carry out priority tasks at every step of the way. It's the perfect choice when performing tests, sprints and immediate results, through agile methodologies.

Monitoring and quality

You manage and allocate professionals your way, and we make sure you get the best quality ones in the market! Throughout our partnership, a professional in charge of your business monitors and reports on tasks status and allocated hours.

Teams wherever you need

You say where you want it to happen too. Our teams work onsite or remotely, Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore. Regardless of where our professionals are, the only thing that doesn't change is our teams' outstanding performance.

Get to know about our cases

Grupo A

How Digital Business assisted Grupo A in the challenge of reconnecting with people and institutions linked to education, on its digital channels.

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Controlled Social Distancing

Digital Business, along with the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in the fight against Covid-19.

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Major segments we work with


Digital Business has the appropriate expertise for this segment, which is a never-ending expanding market, with its different and constant needs.

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Customers who need us to be agile and flexible to meet their tight deadlines and 'crush it' goals in campaigns and releases.

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Finance and Banking

A segment where security and reliability are the key, and also what drives all Digital

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Synergy between customers and allocated teams

When Outsourcing, the synergy between our customers and the allocated team is the secret for having a successful partnership. Check out some of the companies and institutions that trust Digital Business can bring the best solutions for their demands.

Go Further


Digital projects with a closed scope, in which we act from conception to the final technical details, working through all the planning and management of deliveries.

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Rapid/Express Production

Digital production aimed at advertising agencies and clients, in which time and availability are essential. Fast deliveries, production excellence and quality assurance.

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