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Digital Business joins the OSF Digital team


We are thrilled to announce that Digital Business has recently been acquired by OSF Digital. Global leader in commerce and digital transformation, with expertise in connecting technology and strategy to drive business goals With more than 1,800 clients, OSF currently has more than 2,200 employees in 49 offices around the world, meeting the demands of renowned global clients looking for a Salesforce partner, an expert in B2C and B2B commerce with several awards for innovation in multi-cloud projects.


By joining OSF Digital, we have rapidly broadened our expertise in digital marketing and technology, expanding our global reach. We will offer a more comprehensive digital strategy to our clients, supported by a highly qualified and experienced team. Maintaining the same standard of partnership and delivery, now as OSF Digital, we are happy to be able to contribute to the digital transformation of even more organizations.

CEO Digital Business

“We are very happy with this new stage of Digital Business, now as a Digital OSF company. In addition to our great synergy of values, I believe that we will create a unique Martech offering to the Salesforce market on a global basis, with the union of our skills and years of working together with our customers.”

Ricardo AbelCEO / Digital Business
CDO Digital Business

“This is a moment of immense joy for us as we strengthen the OSF Digital team with our expertise and prepare to compete on a global scale, leveraging the full breadth of solutions offered through this acquisition. We believe that this result is the fruit of the hard work and dedication of both companies, and we can't wait for what the future holds.“

Erick FormaggioCDO / Digital Business
COO Digital Business

”It is an enormous honor and responsibility to lead this transition and begin a new chapter in a history of partnership that stretches back over time. With values and missions in tune, we are committed to playing a key role in expanding OSF Digital services.”

Lucas LeiteCOO / Digital Business