You can see flexibility is even in the way we came to be. Coming from different backgrounds and different areas, we were able to find synergy in each other. And we learned to work together, efficiently, seeking better results for ourselves and our customers.

An experienced company from day one

Born of the merger of 4 different business models, Digital Business has over 10 years of experience in the production of digital content and solutions for the Brazilian and international markets. You can see our origin based on 4 different specialties represented in the lines of our logo, which form a single body, in harmony and constantly moving.

This unique combination is precisely one of the things that makes us fresh, one of the components that makes us strong: it allows us to offer a wide range of services to our customers, however performed by extremely experienced specialists, at every step of the way. We go from design to conception, through development and also maintenance of personalized digital solutions. That is what flexibility means.

The Digital Business way

Our synergy at the start was just the tip of it. We manage our company in a humanistic capitalist way, which means we seek the collaboration and participation of all, aiming for the best results - for everyone. We constantly seek development and opportunities for people, not only within the company, but also for their lives as a whole.

What guides us


We think and act towards promoting people, in many ways. Company growth happens when those who make it possible grow as well. We want better professionals, but above all, better human beings.

Quality services

Delivering outstanding services is in our DNA. That's why every step and every detail matters. Our work goes beyond a delivery: we want to be remembered by the way we deliver it, by becoming effective partners for our customers.


It is in the way we do things, in our processes, in our relationships. Being simple and objective leads to greater agility. It's as simple as that, and everyone wins.


Flexibility is indeed one of our brands. We understand ideal conditions are almost never a reality. And we know things change. And because of that, we are also agile, specialists who are able to listen to it, understand it, compose it, and recompose it.


Above it all, maybe commitment is what brought us this far. We are truly obsessed with achieving quality and deadline goals. It is a continuous effort, which keeps the wheels turning. It is no coincidence that our review index is one of the highest in the market: whoever works on a Digital Business, wants to keep on having a Digital Business.


One needs to profit if it means to generate wealth. Right? Yes. And wealth is the sum of all of it: it is in the investment and qualification of people; in the constant search for improvements in working conditions and environment; in the transparency and security for doing good business for all: employees, customers and investors.


They are specialists in different areas, have a lot of experience in digital production and in the making of extremely skilled teams.

Ricardo Abel


Guilherme Morgado

COO Digital Business Europe

Fabrício Ladeira


Lucas Leite


Leonardo Spellmeier


Erick Formaggio